Ex fair dealer lightly duplicated assortment of material on approx 55 Hagner and similar pages (single and double-sided) from most corners of the world, majority from Europe, France, Germany, Switzerland, Holland, Spain, Russia, Greece, San Marino, Monaco, Scandinavia, also some USA and other oddments, both mint and used. Includes earlier to WW2, with much value in middle period to modern commems (mint are generally in sets) and cheaper defins, plus defin odd values (mostly lower and middle), from 1950s to the turn of the century. Ex dealer, so some moderate duplication and rather jumbled up, but (mostly) identified. Plenty of better material up to £10-15 (sometimes more) and priced very cheaply as we need the shelf space: works out at not much more than £3-4 per page/side (as many are doubled sided) - around 10% only of the marked prices (we checked one at random and the marked prices totalled comfortably in excess of £2500 [£2864.32 to be precise]) or sub 5% of cat value. Minimal duplication between lots. Each one is 95% different to the others. (100s or 1000s)
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