Mint and used mostly GV-QEII selection on pages and Hagner sheets (some earlier, but mostly cheaper), much useful Africa and Br. South Atlantic. Of note South Georgia 1st set to 5/-, o/pts to 50p (both wmks), WWF Penguins sheetlet, Norfolks Ball Bay 3d and 2/- (key vals), 1st set to 5/-, 2nd to 10/-, Trinidad 1st QEII to $4.80 (both perfs), Birds to $4.80, St. Helena 1st QEII to 10/-, 2nd to £1, S Rhodesia 1924 and 1931 sets to 5/- (used complete, alone cat £500+), TDC 1971 overprints to 50p on cover, useful RSA and SWA (mostly GVI or early QEII), (100s)
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