Auction - May 2nd

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    Auction - May 2nd



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    Lot: 6242

    • Country: VIETNAM

    1955 Anniversary set of 6v u/m. Cat £200..

    Estimate: £50.00

    Lot: 6243

    • Country: YEMEN

    1951 Airs 7v complete in u/m blocks of four. Cat £140..

    Estimate: £25.00

    Lot: 6244

    • Country: YUGOSLAVIA

    1918 Coronation pair 10f mauve and 15f red o/pt Hrvatska. With Ercegovic (Jugoslavian) cert stating ..

    Estimate: £65.00

    Lot: 6245

    • Country: YUGOSLAVIA

    1953 Esperanto Congress pair u/m. Cat £250..

    Estimate: £60.00

    Lot: 6246

    • Country: YUGOSLAVIA

    1953 Anniversary 15d mint. Cat £225..

    Estimate: £40.00

    Lot: 6247

    • Country: ZANZIBAR

    1895 2½a (type 5 in red) on o/pt 1a plum mint, lightly mounted, with the 'Small second z' (type D) v..

    Estimate: £125.00

    Lot: 6248

    • Country: ZANZIBAR

    1949 Silver Wedding set u/m. Cat £25..

    Estimate: £14.00

    Lot: 6249

    • Country: ZANZIBAR

    1949 Silver Wedding set mint. Cat £25..

    Estimate: £10.00

    Lot: 6250

    • Country: ZANZIBAR

    1949 Silver Wedding set fine used. Cat £40..

    Estimate: £25.00