Auction - May 2nd

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    Auction - May 2nd



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    Lot: 1

    • Country: CYPRUS

    The valuable EDVII and GV mint accumulation on stock sheets, with many sets and single higher/top va..

    Estimate: £2,000.00

    Lot: 2

    • Country: CANADA

    The valuable QV assortment on stock pages, incl Jubilees to $2, mostly clean and fresh, good gum (on..

    Estimate: £1,800.00

    Lot: 3

    • Country: MALTA

    1860/1974 comprehensive mint collection in Lindner hingeless album, the earlier material incl SG 3, ..

    Estimate: £1,200.00

    Lot: 4


    QV-GVI mint selection on stock pages, from early imperfs, many better items. Includes SG 11, 18 (2),..

    Estimate: £960.00

    Lot: 5

    • Country: RUSSIA

    1865/1969 substantial collection in large, well filled printed Scott album, a few earlier issues use..

    Estimate: £950.00

    Lot: 6

    • Country: BECHUANALAND

    Collection in stockbook, useful early issues incl SG 1/3d and 7 mint, 2/3, 8 and 18 used (also £1 fi..

    Estimate: £950.00

    Lot: 7

    • Country: USA

    1861/1970 used collection in album, neatly presented with plenty of better material. We note 1861/2 ..

    Estimate: £720.00

    Lot: 8

    • Country: BR. HONDURAS

    1865/99 collection of used QV on pages, mostly good to fine and incl SG 1/3, 15, 21/2, 23, 25/6, 35 ..

    Estimate: £900.00

    Lot: 9

    • Country: ALL WORLD

    Extensive and substantial, but very general mint and used collection in plastic tub, housed in 10 lo..

    Estimate: £900.00

    Lot: 10

    • Country: CEYLON

    Fine assembly of mint and used Chalon heads, both perf and imperf comprising (mint) SG 17 (3, one u/..

    Estimate: £720.00

    Lot: 11

    • Country: TRIESTE

    1947/54 complete mint collection on printed leaves in binder, incl the scarce Parcel Post pairs and ..

    Estimate: £800.00

    Lot: 12

    • Country: MALTA

    (Mostly) QV-1980s used collection in red Lighthouse hingeless printed album, with QV to 5/-, EDVII t..

    Estimate: £600.00

    Lot: 13

    • Country: ALL WORLD

    1840/1936 collection in 2 printed Ideal albums for foreign countries, a useful mint and used range, ..

    Estimate: £600.00

    Lot: 14

    • Country: SWITZERLAND

    1919/90's fine used collection in Lighthouse album comprising Airmail issues incl 1919 o/pt 30c, the..

    Estimate: £500.00

    Lot: 15

    • Country: GERMANY

    1946/69 mint (all or mostly) collection of West Germany and Allied Zones in superb padded Lighthouse..

    Estimate: £500.00

    Lot: 16

    • Country: IRELAND

    Box file with extensive duplicated range of mid-period commems or Airs, mostly higher values, each i..

    Estimate: £500.00

    Lot: 17

    • Country: ALL WORLD

    1840/1914 collection of mostly used in Ideal printed album, some later issues mint, with areas of no..

    Estimate: £475.00

    Lot: 18


    1853/63 range of 16 'Triangulars' used on Hagner, mostly good 3 margin examples, comprising SG 2, 4,..

    Estimate: £475.00

    Lot: 19

    • Country: TURKS & CAICOS

    1887/9 group of mint sheets of 30 written up on pages to show the 'throat' and 'neck' flaws (and pro..

    Estimate: £475.00

    Lot: 20


    1892/1984 collection in printed 'Timbres Poste' album, a few early used issues are followed by attra..

    Estimate: £475.00

    Lot: 21

    • Country: RHODESIA

    1910 range of the P15 'Double heads' on double-sided Hagner with 1d (poor gum), 2½d and 4d mint, the..

    Estimate: £475.00

    Lot: 22

    • Country: RHODESIA

    1910 range of used 'Double heads' on 2 double-sided Hagners with ½d x 26, 1d x 33, 2d x 7, 2½d x 9, ..

    Estimate: £475.00

    Lot: 23

    • Country: CHINA TAIWAN

    1970/2014 collection of around 100 sets (incl se-tenant and some blocks) plus 45 m/sheets, each o/pt..

    Estimate: £475.00

    Lot: 24

    • Country: GERMANY BERLIN

    1948/67 mint and used collection in album, comprehensive for period covered with many good sets and ..

    Estimate: £450.00

    Lot: 25

    • Country: CRASH COVERS

    USA Crash Covers, a range of 11 different from 1928/38 period written up on Exhibition pages, each w..

    Estimate: £425.00

    Lot: 26

    • Country: NEW ZEALAND

    1980/90's u/m collection in red stockbook with commems, some m/s, defins to $5, a few booklets and e..

    Estimate: £400.00

    Lot: 27

    • Country: BR. WEST INDIES

    2010/17 (approx) selection of u/m sets sent as new issue samples to philatelic publication, with com..

    Estimate: £400.00

    Lot: 28

    • Country: FIJI

    QV-GV attractive mint stock on stock pages, identified and in catalogue order, incl QV to 5/-, EDVII..

    Estimate: £320.00

    Lot: 29

    • Country: COOK ISLANDS

    Early to GV attractive duplicated mint stock on stock pages, from 1st issues to 1935 Jubilee, incl p..

    Estimate: £280.00

    Lot: 30

    • Country: SAMOA

    QV-GV clean mint stock on stock pages, identified and in catalogue order, incl range of Express (ass..

    Estimate: £280.00