Auction - September Postal

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Lot: 62

  • Country: MALTA

GVI and (mostly) QEII mint collection on printed pages, sets and singles, incl 1956 set to £1 comple..

Estimate: £45.00

Lot: 63


GVI and early QEII mint collection on pages, GVI sparse but incl vals to 3/-, UPU, QEII with 1953 (u..

Estimate: £45.00

Lot: 64

  • Country: BRUNEI

GVI-1980 (approx) mint collection on pages with GVI Views to $1 (various), UPU and 1952 to $1, QEII ..

Estimate: £45.00

Lot: 65

  • Country: ALL WORLD

Ideal printed album (7th edition). Some, but minimal content, perfect for re-filling. Similar style ..

Estimate: £60.00

Lot: 66

  • Country: ALL WORLD

Small range of used groups of France and Cols, Egypt etc (dealer's 'starter lots') on cards, PTSA £2..

Estimate: £60.00

Lot: 67

  • Country: SUDAN

1948/51 range of mint (mostly u/m) issues on page (incl 12x1951 vals to 6p) each with 'School' o/pt,..

Estimate: £40.00

Lot: 68

  • Country: LEBANON

1956/71 mint range of sets in blocks of 4 in stockbook, plus some m/sheets (noted 2 x SG 551a, one t..

Estimate: £40.00

Lot: 69

  • Country: USA

Folder with general runs, mint and (mostly) used, from early issues to 1960s. A lot of it, but mostl..

Estimate: £50.00

Lot: 70

  • Country: BAHRAIN

GVI and early QEII mint collection on pages, incl Wedding £1, Olympics and UPU sets, QEII Tudor and ..

Estimate: £40.00

Lot: 71

  • Country: DOMINICA

GVI/1966 mint collection on pages, with GVI 1937 to 1/-, UPU, 1951 to 24c, QEII 1954 to $2.40 comple..

Estimate: £40.00

Lot: 72

  • Country: SAMOA

GVI/1980 approx mint collection on pages, sparse GVI then 1962 to 5/-, 1967 Birds to $4, Fish to $2,..

Estimate: £40.00

Lot: 73


Postal Stationery 'cut outs' on Hagners, 50 or so GB plus some Australia, India etc...

Estimate: £50.00

Lot: 74


QEII u/m collection in maroon ring binder album, mostly 1970s'80s (approx) commem sets from Seychell..

Estimate: £40.00

Lot: 75

  • Country: NEW ZEALAND

QV-QEII mint and (mostly) used collection on pages, with sideface Queens to 1/-, pictorials to 2/- (..

Estimate: £50.00

Lot: 76

  • Country: CHINA TAIWAN

Collection in album of mint Aerogrammes from the 1990's, around 38 different types, a little duplica..

Estimate: £36.00

Lot: 77

  • Country: ST. HELENA

GVI and QEII mint collection on pages, issues to approx 1980, incl GVI set to 1/6d (ex 1d green and ..

Estimate: £36.00

Lot: 78

  • Country: IRELAND

GVI and early QEII mint and used accumulation on pages and stockcards. From o/pts and incl some bett..

Estimate: £36.00

Lot: 79

  • Country: BASUTOLAND

GVI-1960 (approx) mint collection on pages, with GVI 1938 to 10/-, QEII with 1961 to 1r, plus variou..

Estimate: £36.00

Lot: 80

  • Country: EAST ASIA

Basic collections on Hagner sheets, mostly used, from Thailand, China, Korea and Japan. Mixed condit..

Estimate: £40.00

Lot: 81

  • Country: ADEN AND STATES

GVI and early QEII mint collection on pages, general run, most positions represented with short sets..

Estimate: £32.00

Lot: 82


QV to 1960's (approx) mint and (mostly) used collection/accumulation on pages. Rather mixed conditio..

Estimate: £40.00

Lot: 83

  • Country: CONCORDE

1969, small range of 7 different u/m Concorde First Flight stamps from French Colonies, Wallis and F..

Estimate: £40.00

Lot: 84

  • Country: HAITI

Collection of 136 stamps on pages, a useful mint and used range, incl some inverted o/pts...

Estimate: £28.00

Lot: 85

  • Country: SCANDINAVIA

Folder with general runs, mostly used, from early issues to 1960s (approx) from: Sweden, Norway, Den..

Estimate: £35.00

Lot: 86

  • Country: GERMANY

1950/70 (approx) remaindered mostly used collection on pages. A few better, mostly cheaper...

Estimate: £26.00

Lot: 87

  • Country: BALTICS

Folder with general runs, mint and used, from Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Ukraine and Poland. Mostly..

Estimate: £30.00

Lot: 88

  • Country: SEYCHELLES

GVI-1967 mint collection on pages, 1st GVI defs vals to 75c (all assumed to be cheapest where approp..

Estimate: £24.00

Lot: 89

  • Country: LATIN AMERICA

Basic collections on Hagner sheets, mostly used, from Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Columbia, C..

Estimate: £25.00

Lot: 90


GVI/1964 mint collection on pages, with GVI to 2/6d, 1st QEII to 1/-, 1964 to £1, some commems...

Estimate: £20.00

Lot: 91


1958/70 mint range on printed pages...

Estimate: £19.00