Auction - September Postal

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Lot: 32

  • Country: UPPER VOLTA

Attractive mint collection on stocksheets, mostly u/m post Independence issues. Very colourful, with..

Estimate: £100.00

Lot: 33

  • Country: BULGARIA

Collection in large stockbook with mint and used ranges (on alternate pages), some earlier issues, m..

Estimate: £100.00

Lot: 34

  • Country: IRELAND

Collection of covers in album, a few 1d red imperfs and 'stars' (noted 1d star with blue cancel), 20..

Estimate: £125.00

Lot: 35

  • Country: SCANDINAVIA

Mint and used collection of Iceland and Finland in Davo printed albums. Rather sparse, but still pic..

Estimate: £100.00

Lot: 36

  • Country: ITALY

Used accumulation of a few 1000 in 64 side stockbook with a few early issues, some few reasonable 'm..

Estimate: £100.00

Lot: 37

  • Country: GERMANY

1950s-2000 approx mostly used collection/accumulation on printed pages and in 2 albums, missing the ..

Estimate: £80.00

Lot: 38

  • Country: BELGIUM

1880/1965 (approx) mint and used collection in KA-BE printed album. Some sets removed, but still wit..

Estimate: £100.00

Lot: 39

  • Country: SWEDEN

1974/95 extensive u/m collection on Lighthouse pages in 2 packets with a good range of sets, m/sheet..

Estimate: £100.00

Lot: 40

  • Country: MADAGASCAR

Collection on stocksheets, a few earlier issues used, mostly mint incl an attractive range of mainly..

Estimate: £80.00

Lot: 41

  • Country: BERMUDA

GVI-1980 (approx) mint collection on pages, with GVI various to 2/-, Wedding £1, 1st QEII to 1/3s, B..

Estimate: £80.00

Lot: 42

  • Country: ST. VINCENT

GVI/1980 approx mint collection on pages, sparse GVI then 1955 to 50c, 1964 to 50c (both perfs), 196..

Estimate: £80.00

Lot: 43

  • Country: BR. SOLOMON ISL

GVI/1984 (approx) mint collection on pages, with GVI to 2/-, 1st QEII to 10/-, incl Block CA reprint..

Estimate: £80.00

Lot: 44


Middle period to modern mint (mostly) and used collection/accumulation in ring binder. Incl GVI defi..

Estimate: £80.00

Lot: 45

  • Country: GIBRALTAR

Mint and used collection/accumulation in one stockbook and on Hagner pages. Main value in QEII, incl..

Estimate: £80.00

Lot: 46

  • Country: GIBRALTAR

GVI-1980 (approx) mint collection on pages, sparse to QEII (but incl UPU) then 1953 to £1, (incl som..

Estimate: £75.00

Lot: 47

  • Country: THAILAND

1883/1940 collection on printed pages, 164 stamps mostly used, some mint, a useful range, ideal for ..

Estimate: £60.00

Lot: 48

  • Country: TRISTAN D CUNHA

1951/1980 approx mint collection in loose-leaf album, with GVI o/pts complete, 1st QEII to 1/-, 2nd ..

Estimate: £60.00

Lot: 49


1994/6 mint and used collection in ring binder, more or less complete, with sets, m/s, sheetlets, bo..

Estimate: £60.00

Lot: 50

  • Country: NEW ZEALAND

Collection in stockbook, mostly used with some earlier issues to 2/- (plus defective 5/-), 1909 to 1..

Estimate: £60.00

Lot: 51

  • Country: ASCENSION

GVI and (mostly) QEII mint collection on printed pages, sets and singles, incl GVI to 2/6d, UPU set,..

Estimate: £60.00

Lot: 52

  • Country: BR. VIRGIN ISL.

GVI-1980 (approx) mint collection on pages with 1938 vals to 1/-, 1952 to $4.80, 1962 o/pts to $2.80..

Estimate: £60.00

Lot: 53

  • Country: SPAIN

1000's crammed into a large stockbook, mostly used, from early issues to around 1990...

Estimate: £60.00

Lot: 54

  • Country: POLAND

1919/84 used collection of 450 or so written up on pages with early issues, a good range of 1920's/'..

Estimate: £60.00

Lot: 55

  • Country: MAURITIUS

GVI and (mostly) QEII mint collection on printed pages, sets and singles, incl 1953 set to 1r, 1965 ..

Estimate: £60.00

Lot: 56

  • Country: ST. KITTS NEVIS

GVI and QEII mint collection on pages, issues to approx 1980, incl GVI set to 2/6d 1963 and 1970 set..

Estimate: £60.00

Lot: 57

  • Country: TURKS & CAICOS

GVI-1990 (approx) mint collection on pages, sparse to QEII then 1967 to £1, 1969 o/pts to $2, (both ..

Estimate: £60.00

Lot: 58

  • Country: DOMINICA

Mid 1960s/1980 (approx) mint collection on pages, mostly in sets, with 1968 Statehood o/pts to $4.80..

Estimate: £60.00

Lot: 59


2 sheet folders with various in sheets or large blocks, incl 2 sets of Guernsey 1970 Liberation, For..

Estimate: £55.00

Lot: 60

  • Country: FIJI

GVI to 1980 (approx) mint collection on pages, much in sets, GVI mostly oddments (incl UPU set), QEI..

Estimate: £55.00

Lot: 61

  • Country: ECUADOR

Batch of 11 covers or cards, an interesting range with early 'Quito Debe' in red, 1862 Guayaquil to ..

Estimate: £45.00