Auction - September Postal

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Lot: 1

  • Country: JAPAN

1904/05 a collection of Russo-Japanese war covers, the majority being cards from Japanese troops in ..

Estimate: £1,100.00

Lot: 2

  • Country: SUDAN

Postal History collection written up on pages in binder, 68 items, mostly covers (some cards, Statio..

Estimate: £440.00

Lot: 3

  • Country: ITALY

1945/66 comprehensive mint collection in printed album with the 1945 set to 100L (ex 30L), substanti..

Estimate: £550.00

Lot: 4

  • Country: FRENCH COLS.

Substantial mint collection of Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia on stocksheets in album, some earlier (w..

Estimate: £380.00

Lot: 5

  • Country: YUGOSLAVIA

1918/59 mint collection in album with useful earlier issues, o/pts etc, then a comprehensive range f..

Estimate: £425.00

Lot: 6

  • Country: SPAIN

1951/75 comprehensive mint collection in printed Spanish hingeless album, all spaces filled, incl SG..

Estimate: £400.00

Lot: 7

  • Country: BELGIAN CONGO

1886/1965 mint and used collection in printed album with earlier used incl SG 3 (also 5f but a forge..

Estimate: £280.00

Lot: 8

  • Country: IRAN

1875/1939 collection on pages in binder, mostly used, incl SG 7 and 9, ranges of definitives, 1885/7..

Estimate: £245.00

Lot: 9

  • Country: INDIA STATES

Collection of around 250 used written up and identified on pages, mostly Hyderabad and Travancore, c..

Estimate: £300.00

Lot: 10

  • Country: SWITZERLAND

1913-2004 collection in stockbook of mainly used (some mint) Pro-Juv issues, complete, together with..

Estimate: £225.00

Lot: 11

  • Country: HUNGARY

1900/72 attractive mint collection in printed Philos (Spanish) album, a few earlier issues then a us..

Estimate: £250.00

Lot: 12

  • Country: AUSTRALIA

1913/90 collection in SG printed album, a few used 'Roos and GV Heads to 1s4d etc, then mint 6d Kook..

Estimate: £250.00

Lot: 13

  • Country: LAOS

Collection on stocksheets in album, a few early used then a fine and attractive range to the 1970's,..

Estimate: £200.00

Lot: 14

  • Country: SPAIN

1951/63 comprehensive collection in printed hingeless Spanish album, mint or used, with better mint ..

Estimate: £200.00

Lot: 15

  • Country: EGYPT

Collection on pages with a small range of used aboad on early issues (Turkey, Greece, Italy etc), so..

Estimate: £165.00

Lot: 16

  • Country: SWITZERLAND

1913/36 (approx) range of lightly duplicated fine used Pro Juventute issues, single vals, with many ..

Estimate: £145.00

Lot: 17

  • Country: IRELAND

1929/71 collection of mint commemoratives complete to 1971 (some are u/m, incl An Tostal and Emmet) ..

Estimate: £175.00

Lot: 18

  • Country: ALL WORLD

Collection of mostly used South America in Viking album with good, extensive ranges from Argentina a..

Estimate: £175.00

Lot: 19

  • Country: SWITZERLAND

Small blue stockbook (in folder) with attractive duplicated range of mint and used Cross in Circle i..

Estimate: £145.00

Lot: 20

  • Country: BELGIUM

Small used collection of earlies on printed pages, incl 1849 imperfs 1c, 10c and 20c (wmk LL with fr..

Estimate: £175.00

Lot: 21

  • Country: ALL WORLD

Stockbook with assortment of early European mostly in filler quality. (100s)..

Estimate: £175.00

Lot: 23

  • Country: BAHAMAS

GVI-1980 (approx) comprehensive mint collection on pages, mostly in sets incl GVI Landfall o/pts to ..

Estimate: £135.00

Lot: 24

  • Country: NEW ZEALAND

1906/51 mint collection on pages, 'remaindered' but a decent content remains, incl 1909 and GV defin..

Estimate: £150.00

Lot: 25


1888/1958 collection on printed leaves, used early issues incl SG 5/6 and 27, then mint 1906, 1926 a..

Estimate: £115.00

Lot: 26

  • Country: INDIA BUNDI

1914/15 group of 8 full marginal blocks of 4 on ungummed paper, with SG 20a, 40 (2 shades), O1bA, O3..

Estimate: £140.00

Lot: 27

  • Country: GERMANY

1949/82 fine used collection in printed Schaubek album, the earlier issues incl SG 1033/4, 1042 and ..

Estimate: £140.00

Lot: 28

  • SG No: 34 etc

1872 P12 and P12½ 1c orange x well over 100 of each u/m, in singles or small blocks. Range of shades..

Estimate: £105.00

Lot: 29

  • Country: BULGARIA

1879/1969 used collection of 320 or so neatly written up on pages, ranges of early issues incl SG D4..

Estimate: £100.00

Lot: 30


1912/84 collection in Viking album, a decent mint content incl 1921 to 80r (ex 35r), 1925 Birthday a..

Estimate: £125.00

Lot: 31

  • Country: GREENLAND

1950/95 collection on hingeless pages, pretty much complete from 1973/95 incl booklets SB1/3, both u..

Estimate: £125.00