May 2nd 2019 Postal Auction Catalogue

User Instructions: To view the catalogue in full screen, please click on the cut-away corners square icon in the bottom right of your catalogue screen.To the left of this is a small magnifying glass, clicking on this will enable you to search the document (shortcut ctrl +_F) for any key phrase such as; lot number, description or country grouping, etc. To the left of this is a bar that can be moved up or down to zoom in on the screen, this can also be achieved by pinching your fingers across your track pad or smart screen. The large bar along the bottoms navigates you through the pages of the catalogue. On the top right of your catalogue screen is a button marked 'SHARE' this will provide you with a link that can be sent to users on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Email. The top left is a button with an arrow pointing down, selecting this will download a copy of the catalogue directly to your device. Please email [email protected] if you require further technical assistance. To bid on items in the catalogue please visit our auctions page here.