Lot: 21

Lot: 21
Mint and used QV-GV collection in pair of maroon printed Imperial albums, commencing GB with 1d black (3 margin and faults). 1840 2d (2 marg), other L/engr incl most 1d plates to 220, ½d and 2d plates also (no ½d plate 9), modest run of surface printed to 2/6d (also 5/-, poor), Jubilees to 1/- mint or used (both 1/-), EDVII to 5/-, GV to 10/-, run of Dues and some cheaper Officials, then BE of which of note Australia Roos to 5/-, good commems (no Harbour 5/-), good sections of Bahamas, Barbados and Bermuda, also Br. Guiana, Br. Honduras, Capes (mixed condition), useful Cyprus, Gibraltar and Hong Kong, VOL II with Mauritius, Natal, Malaysia, New Zealand and many others. This collection was the long-term project of a single collector. It has few top values such as red £1's, but there is a comprehensive assembly of middle values. An ideal lot from which to expand, or break for re-sale. (100s or 1000s)
  • Lot Number: 21
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  • Ending on: 26 Mar 2022 23:59
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  • £5,000.00 - £7,500.00