January 21st 2021 - Postal Auction

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Lot: 1


British Asia in stockbook, mostly mint (with some used), a little Brunei incl 1947 set to $10, Saraw..

Estimate: £800.00

Lot: 2

  • Country: BARBADOS

1852 Britannia series of 5 reprints (c1929) in different colours without country name on wove paper ..

Estimate: £600.00

Lot: 3

  • Country: SUDAN

Postal History collection written up on pages in binder, 68 items, mostly covers (some cards, Statio..

Estimate: £700.00

Lot: 4

  • Country: BR. WEST INDIES

Extensive accumulation GVI-QEII (a few GV and earlier) both mint and used on Hagner pages, stockcard..

Estimate: £400.00

Lot: 5


General collection in 3 albums, slightly picked over, with single books from St. Helena and Seychell..

Estimate: £380.00

Lot: 6

  • Country: CANADA

1852/2012 used collection in 3 albums, strength in early issues incl imperf Pence, perf Pence and Ce..

Estimate: £360.00

Lot: 7


Range of better incl India CEF with double o/pt (RPS cert), collection of St. Vincent, ditto Falklan..

Estimate: £320.00

Lot: 8

  • Country: FINLAND

1860/1979 collection in Davo printed album, the earlier issues mostly used incl a useful group of 8 ..

Estimate: £350.00

Lot: 9

  • Country: BELGIAN CONGO

1886/1965 mint and used collection in printed album with earlier used incl SG 3 (also 5f but a forge..

Estimate: £350.00

Lot: 10

  • Country: TIBET

1933 ½t, 2/3t, 1t, 2t and 4t each in unused sheets of 12, the 4t is pin perf, the others imperf. Als..

Estimate: £260.00

Lot: 11


Mint and used mostly GV-QEII selection on pages and Hagner sheets (some earlier, mostly cheaper), mu..

Estimate: £280.00

Lot: 12

  • Country: FRENCH COLS.

Mint collection on stocksheets in album with extensive ranges of Senegal and Chad, mostly u/m post I..

Estimate: £350.00

Lot: 13

  • Country: FRENCH COLS.

Mint collection on stocksheets in album, some earlier but mostly u/m 1960's and 1970's (with m/sheet..

Estimate: £350.00

Lot: 14

  • Country: GIBRALTAR

1886/2001 used collection in printed album, incl EDVII 4/- (SG 63, cat £425). Cat (vendor's figure -..

Estimate: £260.00

Lot: 15

  • Country: IRAN

1875/1939 collection on pages in binder, mostly used, incl SG 7 and 9, ranges of definitives, 1885/7..

Estimate: £300.00

Lot: 16


1948/67 mint and used collection in album, comprehensive for period covered with many good sets and ..

Estimate: £245.00

Lot: 17


Ex-dealer stock of modern (QEII) Royal Omnibus material in well-filled ring binder, all set out on H..

Estimate: £245.00

Lot: 18

  • Country: FRENCH COLS.

Mint collection on stocksheets in album with extensive ranges of Central African Republic, Congo and..

Estimate: £300.00

Lot: 19

  • Country: RUSSIA

1863/1923 collection on printed pages, mostly used to 1916 incl 1863 5k, 1864 P12½ one of each, furt..

Estimate: £225.00

Lot: 20

  • Country: BARBADOS

1858 group of reprints (c1919) of the 6d Britannia type in 11 different colours (incl one multiple),..

Estimate: £200.00

Lot: 21


1949/90 complete mint collection (u/m from 1963) in Davo album, incl the 1950 set to 10g. Also Aruba..

Estimate: £250.00

Lot: 22

  • Country: NEW ZEALAND

1980/90's u/m collection in red stockbook with commems, some m/s, defins to $5, a few booklets and e..

Estimate: £200.00

Lot: 23


2007/13 u/m collection on Hagners, large part complete incl m/s. Also a few 2006 sets. Hard to find...

Estimate: £250.00

Lot: 24

  • Country: GOLD COAST

Accumulation of 62 GVI covers in packet, a variety of frankings, routes etc, each with different pos..

Estimate: £250.00

Lot: 25

  • Country: SUDAN

Accumulation of used on stockcards in packet, approx 225 Arab Postman types with an excellent variet..

Estimate: £250.00

Lot: 26

  • Country: COVERS

Album with collection of 32 pre-1945 commercial items with some to or from Far East...

Estimate: £200.00

Lot: 27

  • Country: SCANDINAVIA

Album with collections of Norway, Denmark and Finland, value in earlier issues. Mixture of mint and ..

Estimate: £200.00

Lot: 28

  • Country: EGYPT

Collection on pages with a small range of used aboad on early issues (Turkey, Greece, Italy etc), so..

Estimate: £250.00

Lot: 29

  • Country: BAHAMAS

GVI-1980 (approx) comprehensive mint collection on pages, mostly in sets incl GVI Landfall o/pts to ..

Estimate: £200.00

Lot: 30


Large green stockbook with QEII mint (also a few used) collection/accumulation, neatly set out if in..

Estimate: £250.00