Auction - March 8th

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Viewing Arrangements. Viewing will be held on; Friday 14th February 2020 at The Strand Stamp Fair, The Galleon suite at the Royal National Hotel, Bedford Way, London. WC1H 0DG. Please note that only single items will be available, bulky items such as folders and albums may be requested before Thursday 13th February. Monday 17th – Friday 21st February 2020 at Vintage House, 37 Albert Embankment, Lambeth, London SE1 7TL (closest tube and train line Vauxhall, approximately 5 minutes walking distance). All singles items will be available and most albums and folders, please request bulky items beforehand to ensure their availability. Boxes are only available to view on the morning of the sale at Lingfield Park from 9am.

Scanning/Photocopying. Please ensure that requests are within reason and made before Wednesday 26th February 2020. If exceeding 15 files i.e. 15 pages or 15 singles (back and front), please note that a small administrative fee may be added to your account. 

You do not need to attend our premises to bid for stamps in this auction. Bids can be made in advance by email, telephone, post or by visiting our website Auction Agents. Trevor Chinery +44 (0)1205 330 026 / 07527 444 82 or email, Lancaster Auction Agency +44(0)1923 269775 or email Love Auctions 01205 460968 / 07703 766477 or email

Telephone Bidding. We can ring you on the day if you can’t make it to the sale. To request, please be aware you will need to inform us at least 48 hours before the sale, providing two telephone numbers. A £5 (£10 for overseas) fee is applicable for this service. Online, live bidding. All singles (lots 503 and up) will be available to bid on, live, on the day at please see advert for further details.

Buyer's Premium. A buyer's premium of 20.00% (inclusive of VAT) will be added to the hammer price of all lots purchased in this sale.

Estimated Values. Bids should be made in GBP (British Pounds Sterling) only and in whole pounds. Pence will not be taken into consideration and bids below 70% of the estimate may not be entered at all. Estimates are based on realisations from previous sales or at the describer’s discretionary and professional opinion.

Catalogue Numbers and Values are from Stanley Gibbons (SG) catalogues unless shown otherwise. Values are applicable as of the date of describing so variations are possible. Numbers and values taken from other catalogues normally refer accordingly (e.g. Michel/Mi, Yvert/Yv, Scott, etc.) and usually show the £Stg/GBP equivalent of that catalogue value.

Quantities for lots are shown where possible. For logistical reasons bulky lots will be shown with an approximate figure only, often denoted with ‘approx.’ or similar. All reasonable care is taken in preparing figures; whilst accuracy is intended and offered in earnest, statistics and values must be understood as those of opinion and not as resolute fact. 

Certificates. Lots where the item (or main item(s) within lot) has certification mentioned in the description, are offered based on the opinion expressed therein, which, may or may not reflect the views of Mayfair Philatelics Ltd. If extension for certification is required, this must be registered with us when the bid is placed, or by the close of sale at the latest. Requests beyond this point will not be fulfilled.

Value Added Tax (VAT). All stamps are sold under margin scheme rules, mostly for ‘Global Accounting’. No extra need be added within the EU and no export discount applies outside the EU.  For import/export and VAT purposes stamps are treated as pre-owned, therefore, no VAT is added to the overall price nor is it subject to reclaim or discounts.

Delivery of Lots. Our standard method of postage for small or single items is typically via Royal Mail Special Delivery (+£2.00 to cover packing and tax). Larger/Heavier and international shipping varies depending on weight, value and client location. Should your delivery fee total more than £50 you will be notified before despatch. Delivery charges will be waived for invoices totalling £2,000 (UK) and £5,000 (elsewhere) and up. We aim to despatch* within 7 days of the auction close but offer an expedited service for a guaranteed priority despatch (usually first Monday following the auction) for an additional £5. *Please note that actual delivery times may vary.

Notification of Result. Realisations for lots you have bid on will be posted to you in the week following the auction along with your invoice or failure notice and a list of unsold items available for purchase. A list of general realisations along with unsold items will also be available to view/purchase on our website, within 72 hours of the auction close. We regret that we are not able to offer customer specific results online.

Payments should be made within seven days of the auction* or may be subject to interest and fees. Payments can be made via bank transfer, by all major credit/debit cards including AMEX, cash (in person and up to £10,000) or by cheque. Incidentals; debit/credit card details must be provided before the sale closes, details received after this time may be subject to an administrative fee. Please allow for any transfer fees when opting for international bank transfer. Installments may be requested* at the time of placing your bid for amounts of £100 and up, over a maximum of four payments. The first payment will be taken the first working day following the auction and thereafter on the last working day of the month, until the invoice is cleared. Please note that in order to request a plan, your debit/credit must not expire within 6 months of the auction close. Funds should be ready and available in the account on the assigned payment day(s) or the plan may be cancelled and the full fee due with immediate effect. *Subject to Manager’s discretion. Insurance. All items are subject to insurance whilst in Mayfair’s premises and in transit to you. A discretionary rate of 0.28p (UK customers) and 0.46p (overseas) per £100 will be calculated against your invoice unless specifically requested otherwise. Goods sent without insurance are strictly at the customer’s risk.


The Philatelic Auctioneer’s standard terms and conditions also apply. Placing a bid is your acceptance of these terms and the above and any subsequent amendments. Your statutory rights are not affected.  

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Lot: 191

  • Country: BARBADOS

1852/1965 mint collection neatly presented on pages, a page of imperf 'Britannias' incl SG 2/4 in pa..

Estimate: £800.00 - £950.00

Lot: 192

  • Country: BARBADOS

QV-GV used collection on pages, with QV Britannias imperf no wmk blued ½d (2) and 1d, white set of 5..

Estimate: £300.00 - £375.00

Lot: 193

  • Country: BARBADOS

GVI-1980 (approx) mint collection on pages, with GVI Seahorses to 2/6d, 1939 Tercent, 1950 and 1953 ..

Estimate: £100.00 - £125.00

Lot: 194


1891/1925 mint collection on pages with 1891 to 1/-, ½d o/pts incl SG 53, 54/5 and 54a, 1897 set, SG..

Estimate: £350.00 - £450.00

Lot: 195

  • Country: BELGIUM

1910/25 mint range on pages (some used, incl 1915 set with 'Franken'), noted the 1910/11 Exhibition ..

Estimate: £200.00 - £250.00

Lot: 196

  • Country: BERMUDA

1924 high values on page, a mint range comprising both 2/- shades, 2/6d SG 89, 89g (2)89i and j, als..

Estimate: £480.00 - £600.00

Lot: 197

  • Country: BOLIVIA

1950/69 specialised collection beautifully written up on pages in small box with the issues mint and..

Estimate: £300.00 - £350.00

Lot: 198

  • Country: BOTSWANA

1966 to 1980 (approx) mint collection on pages, much in sets, with 1966 Indep o/pts to 2R, 1967 Bird..

Estimate: £60.00 - £75.00

Lot: 199

  • Country: BR. ANT. TERR.

1963/2010 u/m collection in Kabe hingeless album, with 1963 to 5/- then complete from Churchill set ..

Estimate: £200.00 - £250.00

Lot: 200

  • Country: BR. ANT. TERR.

1963/1990s mint collection on printed pages, in sets, with all defins to top vals incl 1st set with ..

Estimate: £150.00 - £190.00

Lot: 201

  • Country: BR. LEVANT

Collection of GB used in Turkish Empire written up on pages, 23 with 'C' postmarks of Constantinople..

Estimate: £300.00 - £350.00

Lot: 202

  • Country: BR. SOLOMON ISL

1907/40 mint collection on pages incl 1907 Canoes (1/- additionally used), 1908 set, 1913 to £1, 192..

Estimate: £300.00 - £350.00

Lot: 203

  • Country: BR. SOLOMON ISL

1946/2001 u/m complete collection on printed pages in binder...

Estimate: £100.00 - £125.00

Lot: 204

  • Country: BR. VIRGIN ISL.

1866/7 1d and 6d in green, 4d in orange and green, Die proofs engraved on white card, mint and scarc..

Estimate: £80.00 - £100.00

Lot: 205

  • Country: BR.IND.OC.TERR.

1969/2008 u/m complete collection in hingeless printed Kabe album, attractive, popular material. Cat..

Estimate: £150.00 - £175.00

Lot: 206

  • Country: BRUNEI

1895/1947 mint collection on stocksheets, incl SG 1/10 (fine), 1907 to $1 (some gum toning), 1908 to..

Estimate: £250.00 - £325.00

Lot: 207

  • Country: CANADA

1852/9 Range of Plate Proofs on India paper without gum neatly presented on 2 pages, 5 blocks of 4 i..

Estimate: £1,250.00 - £1,500.00

Lot: 208

  • Country: CANADA

QV-GV extensive used collection on printed Imperial pages, with early Colony incl imperfs,1859 perf ..

Estimate: £600.00 - £750.00

Lot: 209

  • Country: CANADA

QV-GV mint collection on Imperial printed album pages, with Large Heads ½c. 3c. 5c, 12c (2) and 15c ..

Estimate: £400.00 - £500.00

Lot: 210

  • Country: CANADA

Ex-dealer QV-1970 selection of mint commems and defins, much u/m. Issues to 1970s incl panes and coi..

Estimate: £400.00 - £500.00

Lot: 211

  • Country: CANADA

1851/1960's collection on printed Schaubek pages, some used QV incl SG 8, 44, 1959 10c (3), a range ..

Estimate: £350.00 - £425.00

Lot: 212


General mint and used collection in printed loose-leaf album, better throughout (one or two mint are..

Estimate: £80.00 - £100.00

Lot: 213


1872 P12 and P12½ 1c orange x approx 115 of each u/m, in singles or small blocks. Range of shades, s..

Estimate: £200.00 - £250.00

Lot: 214


1900/2002 comprehensive mint collection neatly presented in album, incl 1907 to 5/-, ½d on 5/- (BPA ..

Estimate: £1,200.00 - £1,500.00

Lot: 215


1901/62 comprehensive mint collection written up on pages, incl SG 13/16, 18/19, 1907 to 10/-, 1912 ..

Estimate: £750.00 - £950.00

Lot: 216


1938/2007 mint collection on pages in binder, incl Wedding and 1950 set, appears complete from 1963/..

Estimate: £300.00 - £350.00

Lot: 217

  • Country: CEYLON

1912 MCA mint collection (many u/m) written up on pages in album with emphasis on Plate blocks, also..

Estimate: £800.00 - £950.00

Lot: 218

  • Country: CEYLON

1921 Script mint collection on pages incl 3c, 6c, 10c (Plate 9) and 20c in blocks of 4 with inverted..

Estimate: £700.00 - £850.00

Lot: 219

  • Country: CEYLON

1869/1964 mint range on pages, a small group of QV incl SG 121/2, 124a, 126/7, 146 and the 1899 set ..

Estimate: £400.00 - £475.00

Lot: 220

  • Country: CEYLON

1867/1946 collection on pages in album, mostly used, condition a little mixed in places but some use..

Estimate: £300.00 - £350.00